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Many of our dogs come from kill shelters in southern states where spay neuter laws do not exist and where the pet overpopulation problem is critical. Hundreds of thousands of extremely adoptable dogs and puppies are euthanized every year in the South as there simply are not enough homes for the dogs that end up in these shelters. Many times, a perfectly healthy dog has just three days to find a home before facing death at the end of a needle, or worse, a gas chamber.

We rescue dogs from southern shelters and house them in foster homes in the South until they are ready to come to either an adoptive home or a foster home in the New England area. We use a USDA- licensed transport company to bring dogs from the South to New England. Transport is a weekly occurrence and fosters and adoptive homes meet the transport at points from Virginia to New Hampshire. Many times adoptions are long-distance and a dog goes directly from our southern foster homes to a northern home. We encourage our adopters to talk to the foster parents to learn about the dog they are interested in. If a dog is locally fostered near an applicant, we are happy to schedule a meet and greet.

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