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Adoption requires an application with reference checks and a home visit. We place dogs all over the United States, but the majority go to homes in the New York to New England area. For the most part, our dogs are strictly indoor companions. We generally do not do livestock guardian dog placements as most of our dogs would be particularly bad livestock guardians. In simple terms, our dogs would probably think chickens are tasty. From time to time, we do take in livestock guardian dogs and if you are interested in an LGD, please contact us directly for an LGD application as we have an entirely different set of criteria for an LGD placement.

Adoptions are made on a best home basis. If two excellent applications come in for the same dog, our policy is first in time, first in line. Our goal is to have the very best home for all our dogs. All our dogs are in private foster homes either in the South or in several states in New England waiting to be adopted. We carefully screen our dogs for temperament to ensure we are placing the right dog in the right home. Keeping our dogs in private homes allows us to tell you all about your dog. A dog in a kennel or shelter location does not have the benefit of family interaction and it is our goal to ensure that every dog is carefully screened.

What Are the Adoption Costs?

Our adoption donation is $490.00. All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, have had all shots (age appropriate in the case of puppies) including bordetella (kennel cough), rabies, and the distemper/parvo series. All of our dogs have been heartworm screened and are heartworm negative, have had a clear fecal exam and are up to date on frontline and heartgard. This adoption fee covers any other medical treatments the dog may have had while in our care. All vet records travel with the dog. This adoption fee also covers all transport and health certificate costs we incur. We pay $150 of our adoption fee to the transport company we use and we pay $50 for the health certificate process required by law. The remainder of the adoption fee is designed to help defray the vet costs we have incurred while the dog is in our care.

Why does adopting a dog cost so much?

It is true that many government-run shelters may have a very low adoption fee to adopt a dog. However, most do not provide the vet care we do and those that do are heavily subsidized by taxpayers. We applaud the work that shelters do, but we do not have the resources of the taxpaying public to support our work. It is expensive to properly vet a giant breed dog. The adoption donations we receive allow us to continue rescuing other big fluffy dogs in need. Many times the dogs we take in are in poor physical condition and are in need of extensive vet care. A dog that has heartworms can cost $800 to treat. Orthopedic issues can run in to the thousands of dollars. We do fund raise to cover these special needs dogs, but adoption donations allow us to keep doing rescue.

Every adopter is part of rescue. Adopters take our dogs and "finish" their rescue by making them family members. Without adopters, we could not continue our work. We thank you for considering rescue.

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